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Kryptonite Soil Growing Tips

Here are a few tips you can use when growing using Next Gen Soil Kryptonite!

Germination:  Cannabis seeds can germinate well in Kryptonite but ensure the soil is moist (not wet) and that the seed has not been placed too deep or too shallow (usually 5cm).

Transplanting: Kryptonite has been developed for nutrient demanding crops and therefore transplants made from cuttings (clones) are preferred. Transplant only healthy (nice green leaves), well-established clones with nice white roots (1/8” to 1/2” of root showing through the root plug). 

Timing: Timely transplanting is essential. If you transplant too early your plant will not have a strong enough root system and leaves will wilt rapidly.  If transplanted with overly long roots, the plant will have a lower surface area to access nutrients in the soil.  

Potting: Small transplants (7-10d) should be potted into a 1-gallon pot of Kryptonite that has been moistened for 1 or 2 days but is not overly wet.  The moisture helps “awaken” the life in the soil so they can begin making nutrients available for the plant.

Topping: At this stage, many growers will “top” their cannabis plants by pinching or cutting the apical meristem at the 5th node to allow for more flowering points.  Plants will remain in this 1-gallon pot with an 18hr photoperiod and receive adequate water from either top or bottom irrigation. Don’t overwater!


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