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More Kryptonite Soil Growing Tips

We had great feedback on the previous growing tips we posted, so we wanted to add even more strategies you can implement to maximize your results!

Environmental Conditions

· Keep transplants in a slightly humid environment of at least 65% relative humidity (RH) until they have shown an increase in vegetative material and most cannabis strains like warmer temperatures 80oF (26.5oC)


· Ideally, cannabis plants should be watered with dechlorinated or reverse osmosis (RO) water. Tap water or rainwater should be analyzed to ensure that there are no pathogens. If chlorinated water is to be used, it must be allowed to gas-off for at least 24 hours. Kryptonite Soil is pH buffered so it is able to mitigate extremes in water pH (5.5 to 7.5).

Potting Up

· After 2-weeks of growth in the 1-gallon pot, most growers will “pot-up” into the final pot size (if they have a 7-9 week flowering strain). If the goal is a 3.5 to 4.5ft plant a 6 to 7-gallon pot will be adequate. To help ensure healthy root growth, it is recommended to place 2 inches of medium-grade perlite at the bottom of the pot.


· Once again, to establish a more consistent flowering canopy, the new regrowth could be topped at the fourth node, this will create a plant that has more of a Menorah shape rather than a Christmas tree.

Perimeter Watering

· The freshly “topped” plant should remain in a vegetative photoperiod (18hr light) for two more weeks and the watering should be done slowly and should be around the circumference of the pot to help increase fibrous root growth.


· Two weeks after topping most growers will “flip” their plants from vegetative to flowering, shifting from 18hr light/6hr dark to 12hr light/12hr dark. At this time, many growers will turn to bottom-irrigation whether using capillary water mats (e.g., WaterPulse Mats) or sub-irrigated self-watering pots (e.g., AutoPots). During the flowering period, and to increase transpiration (which helps nutrient uptake), leaf temperatures should be near 83oF (28oC) with the humidity closer to 55%.


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