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"The Just Food! Farm used Growing Green Earth Worm Castings as the primary source of compost for direct application and compost teas during the 2012 growing season. The garden produces vegetables for Just Us! Cafés and, as this was our first year gardening here, we were concerned about sufficient available soil nutrients. These concerns were a non-issue; the colour, vibrancy and yields more than met our expectations. Thanks Neil, Shannon and wormies!"

Amy Lounder, Just Food! Farm

"Hi Shannon, just thought I'd send a quick hello and an update on our garden. Well things sure turned around quickly when Summer finally arrived. We had about one of week of rain, then the sun decided to shed some heat on the whole thing and it all took off like crazy. We think that because we planted late, we missed the potato bug infestation, so that was a big plus. Even though we planted late, they are big and beautiful. I used some worm castings when planting the tomatoes and then top dressed a few times thereafter... and wow, what beautiful tomatoes we have this year. In the past we had these spindly little stick plants with little sad looking tomatoes, all malformed and ugly. This year the trees are big and healthy green - the tomatoes look like we just picked them up from the market, and plentiful too. The whole garden is doing very well but those tomatoes win the prize this year.

I also wanted to tell you about my house plants. I've top dressed them twice in the past 6 months. They're all doing great, my ferns think they're in the jungle! I have a money tree that goes absolutely wild when I do this. It continuously shoots out multiple stems(?) but when I fatten it up with the castings, what normally carries 6 leaves, shoots out 7 leaf stems. I've looked it up and they say this is rare. Too bad it doesn't really grow money. That is some powerful poop you guys have there.


This is interesting... the bean on the left had 'Growing Green' worm castings added to the root zone of plant when it was potted up. The one on the right did not! The plants were attacked by spider mite and the ones with the castings were much better able to fight off the attack. Wow! Quite the difference."

Kim Thistle, The Greenhouse Store

"I’m writing this letter as a testimonial on your product.  My farm consists of 7 acres of mixed vegetables, various fruit trees as well as low bush blueberries and blackcurrants.  I also have a 36’ x 76’ commercial greenhouse in which I grow micro greens, various mesclun greens, herbs, hot peppers and a variety of other products that require the controlled growing environment that it offers.

I first met Neil Leblanc at a conference put on by ACORN (Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network) in February 2012 for Greenhouse Growers.  I had an opportunity to speak with him about his product and company and was very impressed; I purchased some product from him at the conference.  I had never used worm castings before but the fact that they were all natural and made in Nova Scotia was a huge selling point for me. 


Because my business is also in the development stage, I have been doing lots of trials with different crops to determine what has the best performance in our climate as well as what has the best market potential.  I have conducted several trials with my micro greens and my mesclun greens and the ones grown with the addition of Growing Green Worm Castings far out performed the ones grown without.  The taste, colour and yield were noticeably superior.  I have told Neil about this and also expressed to him that I am interested in purchasing bulk quantity as well as becoming a distributor for his products. Our farm is located ten minutes outside of Sydney so we are ideally placed to offer his products to all of the CBRM which has a population of roughly 101,000 people.


I currently sell at the Cape Breton Farmer’s Market in Sydney, and from our farm.  I also market to local chefs at higher end restaurants in our area.  One of the selling points that I tell my customers is that my products are pesticide/herbicide free and that I use worm castings that are locally produced in Nova Scotia.  The buy local movement is growing and consumers are realizing the benefit of purchasing products that are grown/made here in our own Province.


I am also involved in several community groups, one of which is the Youth Gardening Club at the Cape Breton Farmers market.  We had several children involved in the planting process and it was amazing how excited and involved they became when we told them that our secret ingredient for great plants was “worm poop”, they couldn’t wait to get a handful out of the bag.


I fully support Neil and Shannon in their efforts and will continue to support them in the future.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or phone at the above listed address or phone numbers."

Pauline Singer, Mountain View Farm

"Dear Growing Green, this is a letter to thank you for accommodating us on our farm with your products. We have been using worm castings for a few years. The product is great. It is always consistent and very high quality. You always know what you get every time you open a bag. It keeps well even over the winter if it is accidentally forgotten outside. 


We are using castings more and more. We use it as a little extra when we grow our transplants. It allows us to grow hearty and healthy transplants with minimal effort. The castings are great to use as a topdressing for our multiple crop section. We usually add 1/8" of castings when we grow our 3rd and 4th crop of greens. It allows us to grow greens later in the fall.


The castings are by far one of the best products I've used in recent years. We always recommend it to beginner gardeners because they are so easy to use. The ease of application makes it key. The product is quite forgiving and doesn't burn. In my 25+ years of working with organic fertility, this product is by far the easiest to use and recommend. "

Gilberte Doelle, Wild Rose Farm

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